EPISODE 1: Architecture

WARNING: WORK IN PROGRESS (DRAFT) The picture on the left describes the architecture and the technologies used to customize a system that is both extremely versatile for the power user and simple to operate by our guests and family.

As you can see by the picture, different apps provide a distinct feature set to the solution. Some features need to use a VPN while others do not.

The features might also be integrated deep into the apps yet we the system gets the user there quickly by passing menus.

To achieve its goal the system uses the features provided by Remote Buddy coupled with Apple Scripts.

The experienced users probably recognize that this approach is not unique or original, but hopefully there will be something to be learned and shared in the next episodes.

You will need:

- Apple Mac
- Harmony One Remote Control
- Remote Buddy
- Plex
- Boxee
- Kylo


- VPN account along with Viscosity
- Hulu Desktop

By the end of these tutorials you will know how to add whatever features you may like or dislike.

So stay tuned.


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